Lac La Nonne

Priceless Sunsets

12.8 km2 to a depth of 66 feet

Peace on Earth.

Angler's Atlas

"Walleye, pike, perch, whitefish and burbot are all caught in Lac La Nonne. Perch are easy to catch in Lac La Nonne, and can provide a great introduction to angling. Northern pike are also big catches during the summer, as well as during the winter for ice fishing.”.

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Family Fun

Pontoon boats


Pleasure cruisers

Lac La Nonne enjoys a quiet anonymity over the decades. With very low settlement around the lake and 12.8 km2 of surface area you may enjoy peaceful us of all Lac La Nonne has to offer.

Pleasure sails

A day the lake as you glide by on the breeze. The sound of the wind through the sails and the ripple of the water as the bow slices the water.

If pleasure sailing is your joy, come on sail on through the waters.

Compeitive Sailing

For those who like more of a challenge.

Challenge yourself out on the lake and push your limits safely




"Since the early 1900’s we, our children and now their children have grown up coming out and enjoying Lac La Nonne. Our membership is a diverse community of people: cottagers, campers, businesses, residents and visitors. We all come to enjoy the beauty and amenities here at “our little paradise”.

Over the last 25 years LEPA have been working to address the health of the lake and to celebrate our community accomplishments. As volunteers, passion is our main asset, our one of are rewards is seeing our community get together for a lake shore information walk or potluck supper; attending our workshops and fundraisers; or commenting on our newsletter. We striving to conserve our natural areas, the lake and our way of life."

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